Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School


Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell's Kindergarten Newsletter

October 23, 2017 - November 3, 2017

Dear Parents,

Mr. Rehl, Anna Grace's father, is a fire fighter.  He and his crew will be bringing a fire truck to school on Monday, October 23rd at 9:00 am.  We are looking forward to their visit and truly appreciate their time!

We look forward to seeing everyone during the Parent - Teacher Conferences scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th and Thursday, October 26th.  Wednesday, October 25th is an early dismissal day - 11:40 am dismissal.  There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 27th.

We will begin Math Homework the week after Parent-Teacher Conferences.  The math packet will be sent home on Monday and should be returned each Friday.  We will explain the directions for each sheet to the children, but they may still need your assistance at home with it.  Thank you in advance for your support!  

We will be celebrating Halloween with a small classroom party on Monday, October 30th.  We want to thank you all in advance for the Halloween treats! The children will also be attending the Halloween Prayer Service in the church on Tuesday, October 31st at 1:30 pm.  We wish you all a fun and safe Halloween!

All students will attend the All Saints Day Mass in the church on Wednesday, November 1st at 8:15 am.

Everyone will also attend the Mass on Friday, November 3rd at 8:15 am.  It is an early dismissal day - 11:40 am.

The Fall Festival is on Friday, November 3rd from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  Please read the Wednesday Mailer for more information.

The winter uniforms are worn on Monday, November 6th.  The winter uniform includes the sweat shirt and sweat pants with the OLL logo.

Our Lady of Lourdes Open House  for prospective families is scheduled for Wednesday, November 8th.  Please read the Wednesday Mailer for specific  times.

The School Book Fair begins Sunday, November 5th through Thursday, November 9th.   Our class will be able to browse at the Book Fair on Monday, November 6th.  We will have some parents helping to write down titles and prices of books your child would like to buy.  On Tuesday, November 7th, the children will be given an opportunity to purchase any books or other items from their list.  The Book Fair is always a lot of fun for the children and encourages reading!

The next dress down day is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th.  Your child can wear regular play clothes to school on this day.

There will be a HASA General Meeting on Thursday, November 16th in the Fallon Center at 7:00 pm.

School will dismiss early on Tuesday, November 21st at 11:40 am to begin the Thanksgiving Holiday Break.  School will resume on Monday, November 27th.

Class pictures and individual retakes are now scheduled for Wednesday, November 29th.

We are already practicing for our Kindergarten Christmas Program!  The children have selected the parts they felt most comfortable with when performing on the stage.  Some of the children have speaking parts!  If your child has a speaking part, then  please work with your child at home each evening helping him/her to memorize their lines.  The Christmas Program is scheduled for Thursday, December 7th at 1:00 pm in the Zaytoun Performing Arts Center (Gym). Everyone is welcome to attend!

Reading Highlights:
“What Do Wheels Do All Day?” “Good Morning, Digger,” and "Wheels Long Ago and Today"
- Review Letterland characters/letter sounds: Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant, Firefighter Fred, Golden Girl, Harry Hatman, Impy Ink,  Jumping Jim, Kicking King, Lucy Lamplight, Noisy Nick, Oscar Orange, Peter Puppy, Quarrelsome Queen, Red Robot, Sammy Snake, Talking Tess, Uppy Umbrella, Vicky Violet, Walter Walrus, Fix-It-Max, Yellow Yo-Yo Man, and Zig Zag Zebra

- Review reading skills taught for the first quarter during the week of October 23 -  October 25th
- Identify rhyming words in stories and poems

- Introduce letter/sound: Pp

- Review letter/sound: Mm, Ss, Aa, Tt, Cc

- Identify beginning letter sounds to words

- Introduce sight word: to

- Review sight words: I, like, the, and, we, a

- Blend onset with rime (p - at / pat) and segment onset with rime (cab / c-ab) 

- Review word families: -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -at

- Introduce second quarter sight words on word wall

- Review first quarter sight words on word wall

- Number words and color words (adjectives)
- Review nouns as naming words

- Review verbs as action words

- Review story structure ( characters, setting and events)

- Discuss the main idea of each story

Center Activities:
- Teacher Table - read decodable and leveled readers (Unit 2, Lesson 9)
- Work on Writing - write in journal about something that has wheels
- Word Work – color, cut and paste pictures that begin with the /p/ sound
- Read to Self - read and spell sight words with a partner using magnets and a magnetic board

The children will match objects one-to-one then circle groups that show more/less or most/least.  We will also identify and write numerals zero through three.

We will learn that we grow as Christians as well as human beings.  We will also read the Bible story about David's Annointing. The children will also learn about the significance of the baptismal gown and learn to grow to be more like Jesus.

Thematic Unit:
We will begin reading about Native Americans!

Star Student:
Our Star Student for the week is  Emma Grace Richardson.  Please send a photo of your child to school on Monday, so that we may use it for a writing activity.

Kinder Book Club Reader:
Our Kinder Book Club reader for the week is Murphy Lambrakis.   Please send a book on Thursday that your child would like for us to read to the class.  

- Please send a snack with your child every day including early dismissal days.

Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell