Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School


Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell's Kindergarten Newsletter

March 26, 2018 - April 13, 2018

Dear Parents, 

The school will be collecting any donations for Operation Rice Bowl on Monday, March 26th.  The donations collected will go to Catholic Relief Services.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Our Kinderbuddies will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for both Kindergarten classes on Tuesday, March 27th at 12:45 pm down at the Lourdes' baseball field.  It will be a lot of fun for everyone!

We will be attending the Passion Play in the Fallon Center at 1:45 pm on Wednesday, March 28th.  You are welcome to attend!

There will be NO SCHOOL on Thursday, March 29th in recognition of Holy Thursday and NO SCHOOL on Friday, March 30th in recognition of Good Friday.  Easter Break begins on Monday, April 2 through Friday, April 6.  School will resume on Monday, April 9th.  We wish everyone a joyous Easter!

Mrs. Jess, a Lourdes' parent and coordinator of the Prayer Blanket Ministry for the school, will be working with the children on tying fringes on a few prayer blankets.  The blankets will be blessed and sent to families with sick children.  We are looking forward to her visit on Monday, April 9th!

Kindergarten will be going on their final field trip to the Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education on Tuesday, April 17th.  We will be leaving the school around 9:30 am and return to school around 1:00 pm.  The children will attend two programs - Healthy Habits and Super Smiles. The programs will be about nutrition, exercise and dental health.  At the end of the programs, we will be able to enjoy a picnic lunch at Play WELL Park.  Your child will need to wear their school uniform, bring a bag lunch and drink.  Permission form is attached.  Please sign and return the form by Monday, March 26th.

We will be attending the May Crowning service on Tuesday,  May 1st at 1:30 pm.  You are welcome to join us!

The final HASA meeting for this school year is scheduled in the Fallon Center for Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm.  We truly hope you will be able to join us!

We will be attending the 8:15 am Mass on Friday, May 4th.  It is also an early dismissal day - 11:40 am. 

Wednesday, May 9th is a Dress Down Day!

Mrs. Harrell and I will begin assessing the children on several skills for the report card after Easter Break. Kindergarteners will receive their final report card on the last day of school - Tuesday, May 22nd.

Reading Highlights:
"Something Special," "Jobs People Do," and "Curious George Makes Pancakes"
- Review Letterland characters/letter sounds: Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, Clever Cat, Dippy Duck, Eddy Elephant, Firefighter Fred, Golden Girl, Harry Hatman, Impy Ink,  Jumping Jim, Kicking King, Lucy Lamplight, Noisy Nick, Oscar Orange, Peter Puppy, Quarrelsome Queen, Red Robot, Sammy Snake, Talking Tess, Uppy Umbrella, Vicky Violet, Walter Walrus, Fix-It-Max, Yellow Yo-Yo Man, and Zig Zag Zebra

- Identify rhyming words in stories and poems

- Introduce letter/sound (week's focus): Uu

- Review letters/sounds: Mm, Ss, Aa, Tt, Cc, Pp, Nn, Ff, Bb, Ii, Gg, Rr, Dd, Oo, Jj, Xx, Ee, Hh, Kk,

- Identify rule of two vowels go out walking - the first vowel does the talking and becomes a long vowel sound: ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa, ue

- Identify Magic e rule - silent e is at the end of a word and will make a short vowel sound become a long vowel sound: cap/cape, pet/Pete, pin/pine, hop/hope,         cut/cute

- Identify beginning, middle and ending letter sounds to words 

- Introduce sight words (week's focus):  do, down                                    

- Review sight words: I, like, the, and, we, a, to, come, me, you, what, are, now, is, how, find, this, will, be, go, for, make, play, said, good, she, all, he, no

- Blend onset with rime (p-at / pat) and segment onset with rime (cab / c-ab) 

- Review L blends: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl

- Review R blends: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr

- Review S blend words: sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw

- Review word families: -ab, -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, -at, -ed, -en, -ep, -et, -ib, -id, -ig, -ip, -in, -it, -ob, -od, -og, -om, -on, -op, -ox, -ub, -ud, -ug, -um, -un, -up and -ut

- Read fourth quarter sight words

- Review first, second and third quarter sight words on word wall

- Review number words and color words (adjectives)

- Identify proper nouns

- Identify pronouns
- Review nouns as naming words

- Review verbs as action words

- Review verbs in the future tense

- Review past tense verbs

- Identify words with multiple meanings

- Correct capitalization and punctuation for statements

- Review story structure ( characters, setting and events)

- Discuss the main idea of each story

Center Activities:
- Teacher Table - read decodable and leveled readers (Lesson 26)

- Work on Writing - write in the journal, "My favorite thing to do is ..."

- Word Work - color, cut and paste pictures that begin with short vowel u sound

- Read to a Partner - select several books to read to a friend

The children will begin learning how to tell time to the hour and identify activities that happen during the day or at night.


The children will learn the meaning of saying thank you and understand that at the celebration of the Eucharist we give thanks to God.

Thematic Unit:

We will begin learning about the season of spring and start to discuss the concept about air.  The children will be creating simple experiments demonstrating how air can move things, how air takes up space and how air is every where.

Star Student:

Everyone has been a Star Student!  We are proud of our Star Students this year!

Kinder Book Club Reader:
Everyone has been a Kinder Book Club Reader!  We enjoyed listening to all of the wonderful stories shared with the class!  

- Please send a snack with your child every day including early dismissal days.


Mrs. Yanoschak and Mrs. Harrell